Mon 09 Oct 2006

the NEW YORK show

so we got our show in brooklyn on october 26th! it's gonna be fun! i...

Wed 31 Dec 1969

New and old friends.

Can you hear it? it's about time we storm outta Fort Hamilton Park and follow...

Fri 22 Dec 2006


the incoming u.s. defense secretary is really shaking up bush policy:"We need to make damned...

Sun 25 Feb 2007

this is a billboard for a pizza restaurant!

i wish there was one here (or anyone) that would take the risk... domino? just...

Wed 07 Mar 2007

put impeachment of bush back on the table.

"The president says, 'I don't care.' He's not accountable anymore," Hagel says, measuring his words...

Sat 30 Aug 2008

Last days of August + ajovision.

  greetings from hot hot happy madrid! how's the end of summer treating you? are...