Mon 09 Oct 2006

the NEW YORK show

so we got our show in brooklyn on october 26th! it's gonna be fun! i...

Fri 03 Nov 2006

The photo shoot.

Like our new tour van? Yesterday was one of those incredible days of autumn in...

Sat 17 Mar 2007

New york here we come.

We're delighted to confirm we'll be joining the line-up of the nyc pop fest on...

Tue 15 May 2007

(not) up all night.

thanks to the sharp guillotines at the astor place kinkos we now have the covers...

Mon 28 May 2007

San Fadyl memorial show.

In a few days we'll join a bunch of friends to sing a few songs...

Tue 26 Feb 2008

die messhugge schtunde

....... i'm reading a great and mouthwatering book at the moment - the angelica kitchen...