Tue 16 Mar 2010

a cupboard bestiary

here's a silly quasi oulipian game for you. if you had to reduce it to 5 things, what are the foods you actually live on.........? my brother's genius and honest list is the actual inspiration for this blog. and so here's mine as of march 2010. in case anyone was wondering, it is lunchtime and i'm hungry!

5. fruit (too hard to choose)
4. jumbo oats
3. ripe tomatoes
2. brown rice
1. tahini!!!! and Marmite. one love.

though some weeks it's more like

5. deep fried chunks of tofu
4. pickled chilis
3. coffee
2. limes
1. rye bread with olive oil.

and even stretches to

5. groundnut stew
4. sourdough bread
3. lava hummus
2. potato pizza
1. frozen leftover chocolate and orange birthday cake

pidg, what about you man? And the baby in the house?? xolupe



17 Mar 2010

right now minna's top 2:

1. tofu/banana/cinnamon mashup
2. sweet potato/white bean mush

17 Mar 2010
guacamole baby

what about avocado? is she into the guac?

17 Mar 2010

oh yeah that too. i just put some recent favourites. she loves the guax.

29 Mar 2010
Mañana Mañana

Hey, count me in with the little lady on that list! Anything that comes in a mashup/mush is high on my radar. Especially anything spiked with a little guacamoo! Lately I've been skipping between tofu mole burritos, black bean and potato breakfast tacos, some kinda mite and Annie's cashew/pimiento spread on toasted rye, horchata and fresh lime margaritas.. A well rounded diet.

09 Apr 2010
Guacamole Baby

wowsers. is that even 4 items? green mole or brown mole? just wonderin'!

01 Jan 2011

Any chance of a new Pipas album in 2011?!

06 Jan 2011

Neal, hopefully! I am always hopeful!

26 Jan 2011

let's say yes? xo