Fri 01 Jan 2010

when will i see you again?

everywhere i turn it seems people are very glad that 2009 is over. not to be a naysayer but i don't have such bad memories of it. in fact it seems like one of the best years this decade, color me a simpleton optimist. see, we made it through! some of us with some new found (little and old) ones to care for and laugh with! new and old songs to love and hum and ... ten years of memories, which keep trickling back in such curious ways (stacks of cdr's, unfinished plum wine bottles, cut out pictures stuck on the walls, etc).

but yes i don't mind leaving 2009 behind. and looking forward to the new. 2010 is a big anniversary for pipas, how could i not want to start it already! stay tuned for some things to mark our ripe old age, you know we couldn't have done it without you.

in the meantime, i advise you dear readers to go get your goodly 12 grapes before midnight, and focus on chewing them properly, calmly, in synch with the bells, for the best of the best years yet to come! xolupe


01 Jan 2010

happy new year!!! hope them grapes was good. it was a crazy year here. i can only imagine that 2010 will be even more so.

20 Feb 2010

i will love you forever, pipas!