Tue 06 Oct 2009


Hey peeps, happy Autumn. There are leaves everywhere. The birds still have some of their harvest to come, but it's time to start thinking of buying your bulk peanuts and balls of sueeeeet. Come late October, early November, they'll be coming around, specially the squirrelbirds. I was down in Madrid last week and loaded up on pipas-related snacks for the birdhouse. Summer was great, don't get me wrong, but there's something about this autumn i'm really excited about. Apart from staying up with coffee, baking the NYT no-knead whole-wheat bread and reading this hypnotic book on Shaker communities and architecture. Yes, even more exciting..

Could be to do with that Billy Mahonie reunion show on Thursday ... oh man, can't wait!

Could be that amazing 'October Girl' by the coolest Estonian band ever, Pia Fraus. Oooh. It's that pace, it says it all. Slow for dancing, slow for running. Beautiful words. To me it says, if you run, you will find mud. But that's what one wants right now. To run with October Girl. Has it been three years since we saw them..? A many band reunion. One of my wishes for the new year.

Also my favorite band has a new record out and it's put me into a kind of heath spell, a good thing! I can't wait to hear their all-acoustic set at the Hangover Lounge (6 December, i hope they bring fruitcake), and their album launch at the Luminaire before that (19 November).

One last thing, slightly pipas related.. Two amor de dias shows next week: on Sunday playing a few songs as part of a special 'revue' at the HL (freeee! maybe some covers and special guests..) and on Friday 16th, opening for Liam Hayes/Plush at the King's Head in Crouch End. touring London in our flintstonemobile, that's right.

ok, something else, also pipas-related: i think there might be a few familiar songs out there soon. a re-mix. something that never got released. i just don't know when, but they're coming. and so is the new record :) ok, all for now... over to you pidg! xolupe


08 Oct 2009

a new record, sweet! don't forget that the demand for baby-sized t-shirts has increased substatially since the last album...

wish i could come to the show with liam hayes, i love the opening line(s) of "i sing silence".

09 Oct 2009

Send baby's circumference and address please! the t-shirt factory never sleeps either.