Wed 28 Oct 2009

el cielo está enladrillado..

you know the Spanish rhyme about the sky, looking as if it is bricked up? tonight waiting for a train to take me back home from Gatwick i looked up and thought that was precisely what had happened, wondering when a good unbricker would appear.. it looked like the wall across the platform, gray and completely smooth like a plane of plaster reaching up to the end of the sky. But it was only fog. An illusion of pasty flatness which now.. makes a blurry sphere around every object in everyone's gardens. even around the moon, this fog is very clingy!



04 Feb 2010
Le taxidermiste

El cielo está enladrillado.
¿Quien lo desenladrillará?
El desenladrillador que lo desenladrille,
buen desenladrillador será.