Wed 27 May 2009

melancholy, catchy and in Swedish...

is the new and just perfectly brief song by The Dreamers (Sarah Action Biker + Kevin Mr Wright). Do you know what the title means? Do you want to learn more Swedish words, in 3-D? check the video out

Day for Night has been made into a video too. It brings tears to my eyes every time i see it, and I can't stop watching it again and again. Long after hearing the song for the first time, watching this clip makes so many new different things unfold from the words and the music; it almost becomes another work, captivating in another way. Hope you will enjoy watching it too.

Do please urge the band to play live if you ever see them walking around your town. I'll keep asking too.

Extra, extra: The Dreamers' new single (Någon Annan + My Stupid Heart) can now be downloaded.

PS our blog is going through some transition and we can't put up pics right now but will soon be back to its regular illustrated gazette programming.