Thu 14 May 2009

heron on the pond

I just wanted to let you in on some secret heron activity. There is one that lives on a pond just opposite dulwich college, just north of the pond cottages. i'm slightly surprised it chose to live here, that it has remained. surely it's not as lovely as some of the big marshes a bit farther outside the city, though the suburban pond is such a lovely corner to human eyes, ensconced between the park and the woods, a precious haven of wilderness in Old Dulwich Town, tiny triangle though it is. it's so picturesque in the heron's little corner you almost forget it is framed by two main roads. white picket fences, cute but not much of a frontier between the traffic and rubbish and the swampy pond. still the bird stands, seems to have enough to eat in there. it is mostly strange that the heron has remained, as far as i can see, alone. it stands on one leg, and whenever i see it, within moments, it flies away, always from the same place and in the same direction. maybe there's another pond it frequents. and maybe it's many herons, not one! i look at it in awe and think it is a miracle. xolupe