Fri 27 Feb 2009

happy friday.



02 Mar 2009
Tracy Thorne

"...the Pastels, who predate even C86." This sentence doesn't make sense to me. Is it so shocking for an indiepop band to predate C86? The Marine Girls predate C86 by a long time.

03 Mar 2009

Hey Tracy, we love you. until a few years ago i didn't even know what c86 was - swear - i think it was either pidg or our friend gail who explained the whole thing to peanut for a brain here. and i still don't get it. dumb and proud. please just ignore. and revel in the dreams: does this mean we can hope for a Black Tambourine reunion tour sometime in the near future?? that Cause-Commotion might make it over the big pond?? that we'll be able to get a good slice with fake cheese in kings x one day? those are all my questions tonight. xolupe

05 Mar 2009

¡Hola! I dont know if you remember your most eager teenage fan from Stockholm, I have stalked your Swedish gigs for a few years and most often followed by my dad in the past...

No longer a teenager and for the moment living in Valencia studying spanish I just wanted to send you a few words and Lupe in particular since I know that you are from Madrid (¿no?). Do you by any chance have any useful tips about where to go in this city, until now I have only found places with play random radio music and I would like to find something other than that if possible... A long shot, but anyway...

Hope you are fine and that I will see you in Spain or in Sweden soon!


09 Mar 2009

Hey Karin! I think I have your email so I'll write you directly.. but just wanted to say hello here. HEY! xolupe