Tue 20 Jan 2009

más amor de días

'.. and [it] .. seemed to be suspended in the most fragile silence, like the silence of January's second fortnight, or of February's first.' I loved reading this line (by Roberto Bolaño) on the train the other morning. Oh, dear peeps, finally there are some news in the House of Pipas. First of all we have set a release date for our next album! Despite a few hard drives crashing even. Who knows, 2010 could be our 10th anniversary if we apply ourselves a little. We're planning some get togethers sometime in late spring this year to play a few shows, so stay put for that as well.

In the meantime, if any of you are wandering the boulevards of London this Sunday 25 January, I'll be playing some new tunes with Alasdair, as Amor de Días, at the Hangover Lounge (Salmon & Compass, on Chapel Market, in Angel), along with The Vatican Cellars and Darren Hayman. The place is lovely, the dj's rock and the live sets will be a) unamplified and b) free.  cocktails are two for one. good coffee, too. who knows, there may even be some birthday cake for Mr Jervis! xolupe


20 Jan 2009
Dimitra Daisy

I love that sentence too, it's wonderful. It makes me feel better about this gloomy time of year.

Also, Pipas! Yay!

21 Jan 2009

yes we can!

21 Jan 2009

Lupe, ¿cuando vais a tocar como Amor de Días en Madrid??? 2010 está aun un poco lejos, ¿no podríais sacar algo para celebrar también el noveno aniversario?

saludos madrileños

23 Jan 2009

hola Carlos! pues cuando sea, no se.. seguro que pronto. con lo que nos gusta madrid. algo caera. aunque sea en el retiro estilo hippie. lo investigo. disco de pipas mucho antes del 2010!
un saludote desde londres xo

26 Jan 2009

and that release date is...?

27 Jan 2009

Lupeeee! You were amazing last night, I swooned all the way through. I can't wait for the new Pipas record. Woohoo! You know who would kill to put a show on for you in London if you decide to play live, right? :)

27 Jan 2009

thanks to the hangover lounge & to everyone who came out on such a messy rainy Burns sunday afternoon (were there any tubes not closed?). great to see so many familiar faces and eye-opening to try playing without electricity.. made for an extra nervous set, but fun no matter what. Marianthi, i hope to see you again soon. if not before, at the london popfest! xolupe