Fri 31 Oct 2008

run run run

wha'? ..election...? huh?? i feel like rip van winkle - somebody just woke me up and whoa, all of a sudden it's hallowe'en eve, and an election's happening. i've been running lately, that's my excuse. running with the wolves. running with the great tits. running under a canopy of falling leaves. running with the rooks in south london. of course running to La Casa Azul, what else is new! ok, sometimes running to morton feldman can you adam and eve it!? this sunday, half of pipas will take hearty part in a post-hallowe'en, pre-election special run for the RAINFOREST! 10 km around Finsbury Park (my own little homage to what was once home to the one and only Pidg!). all money raised goes toward the rainforest foundation uk. support indigenous communities. protect species. make sure no trees fall that don't have to. huff and puff and fluff. and get that body ready to make the best of things on tuesday. xolupe


31 Oct 2008

run, lupe, run!

03 Nov 2008
sarah allen

I had to ask Pidg what great tits were...thought you meant the R rated ones! ;)