Tue 28 Oct 2008

dear pennsylvania

dear pennsylvania,

don't you dare vote republican. a vote for the republicans is a vote for a campaign that is driven by using and feeding hatred of race, difference, otherness. plus as a bonus if you look at the republican platform (and john mccain's scornful words) - women.

they are exploiting your fear. "he's not who you think he is" - a confused message but one that ultimately leads the target audience to the worst of their fears; the ones that the republicans have been stoking. 

so vote positive. vote for hope. for change (as cliched and co-opted and unspecific as that sounds now). thanks pennsylvania. i know you can do it!


p.s. california - vote no on prop 8. thanks!



29 Oct 2008

Nice post, mark! Thanks for the 'no on Prop 8' shout-out, too! Cross your fingers.


30 Oct 2008

Vote for hope and change - vote for Cynthia McKinney or Brian Moore! A vote for Obama is a vote for McCain - they are but two faces of a single big-business party of corporate interests and cynical political pageantry.

30 Oct 2008
hi radicalista! there are real differences. ones that will make real-world differences. unless there is a fundamental change in the electoral system it's gonna remain a corporate two-party system. it's a scam for sure but right now it's what exists. i'm an advocate of voting for the candidates who represent your beliefs and i wish media coverage of green, actual socialists and others was better. i write this as an avid listener of democracy now! which totally rocks. anyway, obama *will* make a positive difference to the u.s. and the world. mccain-palin will be so dangerous in comparison. good luck to us all! vote your conscience! right now for me it's obama.
05 Nov 2008

thank you pennsylvania!

05 Nov 2008

i'm glad you had a word with pa.!

06 Nov 2008

prop 8 looks like it will pass though. the people who voted yes are terrible, horrible, no-good people and history will not judge them kindly.