Sat 03 May 2008

if we took a holiday.

...oh yeah, oh yeah, just some time to celebrate.. come on, let's celebrate. i'm off for a week of wandering and sun. adios ken, hello loris. pidg, we need you back here to run for the next election, please...


04 May 2008

i am so happy you're on holiday, yet so sad that the only person i've voted for in an election who actually won is no longer the mayor.

04 May 2008

it's hot like summer in madrid tonight. we went out for dinner and get home at 1am when everyone's going out. i saw lots of girls wearing big hairdos something between amy w and the horrors. lots of teasing and hairspray, makes you hot just to look at it. i wonder if i'll be tempted to do that with my hive too? will rethink tomorrow. right now the streets (some, near my house, anyway) smell of jasmine, it's worth 4 months away for this. must get lots of jasmine plants when i come back north.

07 May 2008

Hi Mark & Lupe!

Lupe, where can I hear you and alasdair?

Mark, how's brooklyn treating you?

Lots of love to you both from CA,

08 May 2008

hey Clara!
so great to hear from you!!
songs will be finished soon.. ok, probably by autumn. will keep you posted..