Sat 31 May 2008



you can't take anything for granted these days, not even 5 minutes of sunshine. maybe it's the trying to grow basil seedlings for the first time but i'm noticing more than other years that summer in london is really like watching a long film in a tinted glass steam room. waiting for the pimms punctuations, smiling in a sort of stupefaction, you imagine one day you'll be able to blog about the beauty of seeing colorful clothes hanging on lines as you take the train to work through west norwood. that maybe someone forgot to pick them up and they're getting sunbleached, and what about all those dried up derelict sheds and rusty fences, where do the thoughts go etc. your typical commuter marginalia. as the chances of that post seem to stretch thinner in these dark mornings let's forget about it and talk about brain food. decadent nutrition. secret personal formulae for vital flights of fancy. i believe i've discussed tahini on this forum before. it is the light of my mornings. spread on top of vegemite, or marmite (which, for those lacking, gives you all the b12 vitamin you'll need for free), on some kind of bread, makes you feel like you have eyes all over your body. not like a cyborg but like your own little cells are seeing the world for themselves. so, there's another food of that kind i've recently started eating. it's called farro and it's a delicious whole grain that you can definitely get in italy, and i reckon is stocked wherever you are reading this. i don't really have any recipes but have been throwing it in salads with pungent dressings and, it's the eye-cell thing again, brightness in truly overcast days. some of you know that i have been hanging with world-class chefs in my spare time lately. i have learned a lot about how to put chemicals into food to make it look and feel certain ways. but i don't know how you could make anything more perfect than a grain of farro. or a squashed sesame seed. lo tech brain food is all i crave in this english summer. your tips more than welcome! xolupe


07 Jun 2008

Wow, for a minute there it felt like you were channeling Harriet Wheeler at her free-associating best.

One of my favorite Saturday morning brain food bonanzas is to throw into my food processor: tomato juice, carrot juice, a celery stalk, some coarsely chopped red and green peppers, fresh lemon and lime juice, a chunk of peeled ginger, a generous pinch of cayenne pepper, and a whole avocado. Sooooo delicious and makes me feel outrageously alive.

07 Jun 2008
Teodaw V. Gahn

Bulaklak, that sounds wild. Do you drink the results? Or slop it upon toasted bread planks? Or perhaps use as a soothing body scrub?? A quick heads-up on the FTM (fake tuna melt).. it\'s back! And tasting more like fake tuna than ever. The recipe remains simple — toast drizzled with olive oil, a thin smear of any mite of your choice, a fat smear of hummus (home-made pref!), and thin slices of tomato. Some cracked pepper to finish, if you feelin sneaky. Full of b and c vitamins, anti-oxis, and using wholegrain bread with hummus you also got some complete proteins in there too!

08 Jun 2008

Drink it. It's thick like a shake because of the avocado.

09 Jun 2008

bulaklak, jeez, that whole avocado shake's got to be out of this world. and a beautifully rainbow color mosaic rarely found in nature, come to think of it.
we had no electricity a lot of this weekend. couldn't even relive the tuna melt experience after reading your reminder teodaw! but got all the ingredients. and the power's back. it's just a matter of time before i hit all these things and make pidg's farmer dutch oven bread, too. that's right, pidg bakes!!!!!! and i'm in awe. xolupe

10 Jun 2008

if you threw in some hemp milk, dang, you'd be in great shape. it all sounds amazing. gonna try asap! perfect for 98 degree days... ai!

11 Jun 2008

Hungry! Must. Eat. Lunch!