Tue 22 Apr 2008

voices in your head.


amor de días means a love of days. it's a nice way to pass the hours in between eating spoon sweets and filling the bird feeder with berry suet pellets. my family raised alarum when they thought the name was amor de dios. por dios! i haven't gone all gregorian. it's just a way of killing time in between organizing some sweet jumps for the freecycle bikes. and getting a lot of spanish guitars fixed. i brake for broken guitarritas. alasdair from the clientele and i have been recording some songs with lovely ken brake and his unsinkable vocal non-denominational choirs. we've sort of played two shows already with a little help from our friends (thanks nikolaj! thanks pam! thanks for not even asking about a myspace page!), pretty short sets, slightly nervous (even though i'm sure i didn't look it). and it's been so much fun. our third, and last for a long while until the record is finished, is this upcoming monday 28 april at the luminaire (before the fun sounding beep seals and the grand homecoming of our homies the Ladybug transistor). there will hopefully be about 7 or 8 amor songs ready this time.. here's a lazy picture full of amordediasesque feeling from me to you. and a promise of new pipas from the bottom of our hearts soon too. in case you're wondering why i got so chatty all of a sudden, my other pipas half is in mexico!! hola pichón! qué tal? xo lupe


24 Apr 2008


Saludos para todos!