Tue 04 Mar 2008

amor de dias

if there's one thing more exciting than guille in the eurovision song content, it is a band containing two of my favourite people and musical heroes... i present to you:

amor de dias featuring lupe núñez-fernández and alasdair maclean

both from bands you may have heard of... pipas & the clientele. :-) in my imagination they sound like caetano and gal - a south london domingo. and if you live in london or copenhagen you can even see them play live. and you are the luckiest people in the world. for not only do you get the aforementioned band, if you're in london you see and hear the return of the pines (yes, that pines, the pam and joe one) and as a bonus: the  would-be-goods. i feel tempted to fly over for the weekend.

so here are those dates in full:

15 march
din nye ven

28 march
positively 4th street


05 Mar 2008

finally !!!!!!!

05 Mar 2008

Yes, finally!!!

08 Mar 2008
Carlie Lazar

Rats; I will be in London on the 15th and Copenhagen (airport, anyway) on the 28th! Everything's backwards. I'm sad to miss the gig.

10 Mar 2008

hey! pidg you are making me nervous with this tachan tachaan write up... but thank you! can't wait to tell how it goes. so far we've recorded a coupla songs with our friend ken in his primrose hill studio and excited about next saturday.. and about the 28th! the pines!! the wbgs!! the first division's debut!! i think we might have another show coming up on 28th april opening up for a band very dear to us all the way from pidg's neighborhood. oh, the show in cph is at a venue named Den Nye Ven i think. sorry i don't have more details about it. we moved this weekend so my head's a little boxy apologies! ok, back to it. thanking my generous netgear neighbor, i bid you addio. xolupe

11 Mar 2008

oh man, lupe + al + the pines + wbgs + ... well i guess the only thing missing is, er.... me! wish i could be there to partake in such a crazy audio wonderland! alas. somebody'd better be recording this show....

13 Mar 2008

last minute addition to the show: the one and only Gregory Webster! will post a flyer soon so you believe me. xolupe