Fri 22 Feb 2008

news from the south

back in shape after a wild bout of birthdays around pipasville. we're a little older, still in need of haircuts, coffee, donuts, etc you name it, keeps us young. i am supposed to be having a 'power year' but i don't really remember the reason why - a friend explained but i got lost, all i understand is the 'elle' magazine daily horoscope, that speaks truth to me, thanks gail. so, here's the wrap from brixton: i'm moving from brixton! found an abandoned mansion to take over in a strangely scottish part of very very south london. in the very highlands one could say. near some old 1854 glass ruins. you catch my drift, right? there are wild woods and a burnished looking vicarage. many little roads, and trains, trains trains, they go everywhere..xolupe


24 Feb 2008

trains and little roads, this makes me happy!

03 Mar 2008

Moving into an enchanted mansion near wild woods and glass ruins surrounded by trains - sounds like big things are already happening! That's POWERFUL.

28 Feb 2008

Power year=big things will happen this year! Of course, as always with that kind of stuff, it's absolutely up to your interpretation. :)

04 Mar 2008
wells street

Happy birthday Lupe!!

glad to hear you are thriving and bound for greatness
a manse in the low highlands?? .. wonderful