Tue 26 Feb 2008

die messhugge schtunde

....... i'm reading a great and mouthwatering book at the moment - the angelica kitchen chronicles as given to me by my fairy godmother guardian angel all rolled into one secret london town benefactor. i am well aware that much of its contents have not how do you say been unfurled online in blogs and that sort of stuff. i know cause for years i've been looking for the recipe for that carrot-umeboshi pate with which to spread the house cornbread. alas, that one recipe, dear reader, is not in da book. just to keep us guessing. likewise for the miso tahini creme. in case you were wondering. don't worry angelica I won't give all your secrets away. but every once in a while you gotta let some secrets slip. like the story about the previous occupants of the premises you have so lovingly filled for the last few decades. it was a stomping rumanian night club. turns out the famous people lined up around the block whenever they got the craving for rumanian crepes and strong coffee (in the summer cold with a big cloud of thick cream). anyway, there came a time every evening called ... die messhugge schtunde - the crazy hour - the service danced on the table, playing two card poker and winning their bosses' business, over and over.. please everyone, tomorrow, let's congregate and turn things around a little during that very schtunde. penguins will speak, flowers will fly, and maybe the victoria line will work after 10pm! xolupe


26 Feb 2008

and yet more here http://www.angelicakitchen.com/cookbook.html

26 Feb 2008
the letter b

Thanks Lupe.

That was a nice story. I really enjoyed reading it!

Meschugge is the german writing for that word, which here means someone is crazy. Stunde is for hour. So it is the time to where everyone gets crazy and is going mental.

03 Mar 2008

I used to live right down the block from Angelica and ate there three times a week or more. I would love to have this cookbook but the only copy I can find online is going for $99! Guess it's a collector's item at this point.

04 Mar 2008

crazy hour ! coffee cocktails anyone??
wow bulaklak, i know somebody else who used to eat there.. every day. no, i lie, she would get take out - kanten parfait, to go. here's the secret to the book: buy it direct from them - go to that website above. treat yourself, share the joy. we all know someone who needs a little more angelica in their life. i owe my angelica book giver a huge huge not very wee dragon bowl, to begin with!

06 Mar 2008

Very nice! Thanks for the tip. I can't wait to make my own dragon bowls. And I hope that vegan chopped liver and sour cream thing is in there! (Actually I think it was a walnut and lentil pate, but I liked to think of it as vegan chopped liver, especially around Channakka.)

Yes, it was nice to eat there so many times a week. Of course, I balanced this with eating just as many times a week at John's next door, where I always ordered the sausages and peppers. Hm, maybe balanced is the wrong word; maybe I should say negated.