Sat 08 Dec 2007

we don't price fix our milk/butter/dairy products


and we have some news for you - there's a few old/revisited songs from the pipas vaults in the surgery at the moment for a very special compilation - we'll tell you more as soon as we can! and though we are slow we are are are working on a record with lots of tenderness laziness and abandon. from b 2 b, brooklyn to brixton now. i was walking around carnaby street the other day looking for a new taylor and lookihere what i bumped into. i always knew he was one multitalented fellow... anyone been to rosie's on coldharbour lane? my new favorite place to eavesdrop. today i heard a lovely lady talk about playing a show with jim o'rourke in nyc 10 years ago. lovely lady, if you're reading this, please reveal yourself! i want to be part of the underground coolness that is brixie's stone! btw laetitia sadier at the windmill 15 dec see you there! xolupe

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