Mon 10 Dec 2007

the garden of earthy delights


the world turned upside down. do you remember a while ago we had a new tshirt for sale, it was Huge, Red, a Sleeper we said, very limited edition (at only 10 shirts printed, by a man named Monkey), and featured a design of two people walking on their hands, dressed only in what looked like eggshells? some of you were even mildly disturbed by it, now that i remember. tomorrow i might be posing in front of the original inspiration for this silly shirt, hieronymus bosch´s the garden of earthly delights. i´m not trying to bore you here too much just wanted to explain why i prefer the name in spanish, el jardin de las delicias, mostly because it´s a bit less specific, in terms of the delights, left so open so delicious! one of the ugliest, boringest commercial avenues in madrid, naming a subway stop too, is called, yeah, you guessed it, delicias. always tickles me. anyway, i am honored and privileged to be part of a project by canadian artist Adad Hannah, whose work i just love. an empty prado filled only with a crew and fluorescent lights. i´ll sneak a long look at the meninas for all of you. xolupe

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11 Dec 2007

Woo. :) In the original, Dutch, title of said painting ("De tuin there lusten"), there is no 'earthly' either.

11 Dec 2007

i always feel so enlightened by your dutch martijn, keep it comin, golden nuggets!
so, an update- the shoot was amazing fun!!!! but boy are shoots tiring. 13 hours was long enough; apparently that´s nothing, real ones begin at 15 hrs. we made friends with a lotta prado security guards who let us do all kinds of tomfoolery, like get up on top of plinths and look at our favorite paintings. huge huge thrill of the day, besides checking out goyas black paintings all by myself late in the evening and chanting some spells for the forces of good - meeting fede, one of the models for the project, and famous as all get out on his own right as one of the members of la casa azul!!! have you seen their latest video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pLjUsBnQv4

11 Dec 2007

ps, fede is the one standing in the middle of the dance at the beginning!

11 Dec 2007

wow! speechless!

12 Dec 2007

I remember buying the sleeper shirt (at least it very much sounds like it) when drunk, not knowing what it was. Then the truth was revealed and I was suddenly the proud owner of an amazing sleeper shirt!

13 Dec 2007

litmus test: only available in red!
can i just say i'm addicted to la casa azul? the next pipas t-shirt should be of a deep blue haus.

17 Dec 2007
carlie lazar

So neat. And I discovered yesterday that you can get Hieronymus Bosch action figures?

19 Dec 2007

It´s impossible no to be addicted to La Casa Azul. I saw him in Madrid in November and last saturday in Barcelona and both shows were ace. There shoud be more LCA and Pipas tunes and gigs every year.

20 Dec 2007

we'd love to play with him! of course!

21 Dec 2007

those figurines look amazing! hell on skates can't be that bad. xolupe