Sat 22 Dec 2007

meatless days.


wishing to celebrate the winter solstice without ancient stylee hecatomb will find some of us looking for the most gorgeous blocks of tofu, bricks of oat milk, beautiful ginger root, beets, eggplant, mangos, fat hand made marzipan figurines and lemon sorbet to cleanse the palate in el corte ingles, in lavapies, or in the organic food shop on calle huertas before things shut down. i already brought the candied ginger down from london, and the fake mayonnaise  (powered with pea protein) with which to impress my family when the time of the white asparagus comes. i can already see my dad eating the entire jar with a spoon and wiping it clean with a piece of bread. wishing you an entirely relaxing time, join us in something bordering on boredom called joy! xolupe 


25 Dec 2007

Kisses & hugs & happy holidays to you...

26 Dec 2007

merry merry! xoxo

26 Dec 2007

Feliz Navidad para tí también! Añade unas cervezas con Lucy&Aure antes de que salgan para Italia