Thu 17 May 2007

san francisco pelican!

san francisco pelican

holy cow. we're here in san francisco! we were just on KALX an hour or so ago... and completely forgot to warn you all. duh. thanks dan and sam and everyone there. hope it sounded ok. it was a lot of fun. we broke our first ever string ever in the history of pipas. 

our show at rickshaw stop is tomorrow night. can't wait to meet up with land of ill earthquakes...  ok. we gotta get out of this muddy waters coffee shop... bye!


17 May 2007
old gray jeeg

lu, you were just saying you should buy and bring extra strings along on tour even though you\'ve never broken one before! amazing premonition!!! xo

18 May 2007

i felt bad because i broke the string and then gave the guitar to lupe to play. it sounds mean but it's not! just worked out better that way.

san francisco morning!

it is a pelican on the bottom right of this photo. neat!