Tue 15 May 2007

(not) up all night.


thanks to the sharp guillotines at the astor place kinkos we now have the covers for our new tour ep. a limited edition of 100 copies will be available at all our upcoming shows. thanks also to the nice porno dvd guy who let us use the guillotines. according to pidg, the dood assured us kinkos is the best price for color copying. so it's 2 for 5 from him. how does he make them that cheap? see you in sf!!! xolupe 


16 May 2007

see you in ny!!

16 May 2007

my friend wanted to go to the knitting factory show, do you guys know if it's all ages or +21? also, is it possible to put a tour EP away if a purchase is promised?

17 May 2007

would be nice to see you guys play again, or just sit down with a cup of tea. and it would be very nice to have a copy of that tour ep (being the little collector nerd i am at times hihi=), would it be possible to have one sent to me? would pay with anything of choice, how about 10 bucks, a mixtape and some MIMG records?

hope all is well with you!

17 May 2007

i\'m SO excited to go the show!
i\'m hoping i can take you home. pipas in the morning and pipas in the evening!

17 May 2007

the knitting factory show (saturday) is all ages, the rest are 21+..


19 May 2007

thank you, tunic!