Sun 20 May 2007

modesto or bust!


the secret show last night at megamoog and mary's apartment up in sunset was really fun! thanks so much to them. megamoog had just played in new york a week or so ago and we'd missed it so it was wonderful to see her play *in her own apartment*! and you know, a house show is so refreshing after all our stadium gigs these days. you can actually see your audience. feel in touch.  no stage. no boundaries. it's easier to heckle derrick from land of ill earthquakes. they did a bunch of different songs from the night before so that was exciting. 

modesto here we come! we rented a car that turned out to be red and sporty despite being the cheapest one. we have a navigation computer. we got tunes. we may take a drive over to the golden gate now... hang tight! we'll see you in modesto later today.  


28 May 2007

Hi Lupe and Mark. What a fun night! It was nice meeting te two of you. Thanks again for delighting us with your lovely tunes. Here are some pictures from the night:

Have fun at Popfest!