Thu 24 May 2007

los angeles!


it was an (land of ill)earthquake(s) of a show in walnut, ca! thanks so much to derrick for opening the doors and moving the furniture in his house so we could play one last show together! whoever the hell was playing drums on hiding the park:  nice job! :-)

we'll miss you adrian, art, delia, derrick, laura, shaunte & deeelightful skippy. thanks for the f.u.n., friendship, shows and hanging out. 

 clare rojas @ Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery
clare rojas @ lizabeth oliveria gallery, los angeles

today we woke up in santa monica at travis and justine's apartment (thank yoU!) and have been trawling a few galleries in culver city and now drinking coffee and, well, doing this...  

one last california show with THE CLIENTELE & beach house. wooOO!

we'll been down around venice beach later if you want to find us... bye! 



24 May 2007

oooh! that's a muy nice picture! can you send me a link to a bigger one, one day? or send it to me? and you guys sounded incredible as always! thanks for playing our favorite songs! thanks for playing my house! thanks for hooking us up with shows! thanks for being so nice and sweet! thanks for all the chatting about bands and music! (which reminds me, this is the mic we usually use for vocals: Audio-Technica AT2020) thanks for lending us the Lodger CD! Thanks for the unnecessary words of sweet encouragement! Thanks for helping us find a place to stay in sacto! There's too many things to thank you for so we'll stop now before i break your website. xoxoxoxoxoxo