Fri 23 Mar 2007

problem hair.


hello! we're working here in madrid. we've been eating lupe's masterful white bean spread. so garlic-y, so good. it's been powering our recording sessions the last couple of days. that and richard fleischer movies at the filmoteca. it's an amazing old cinema. a couple nights ago we saw orson welles embark on a 10 minute anti-capital punishment monologue in 'compulsion' (1959). incredible. also starring a very young dean stockwell. conferring afterwards, we concluded it was 'quantum leap' than brought dean stockwell into our lives. anything pre-that, we just didn't know. at least back then. 

so the recording is going well. we hope to have something out later this year. the pop fest in new york around may 25 or so will be great fun. we're angling for some california shows right now. more on that later. but it really seems to be happening this time! 

time for coffee and white beanz!


23 Mar 2007

Special for Pidg Spread Numero Dos:

Blend 2 cans of cooked white beans, 2 roughly chopped garlic cloves, 2 tbsp olive oil, the juice from 2 lemon halves, and 2 big shakes of coarse-ground black pepper and 2 pinches of crushed red pepper flakes. Maybe add in the leaves from 2 branches of thyme, too, if you have an uncontaminated thyme plant around... it should be a creamy consistency, hopefully not too drippy, adjust to your taste! (no salt added cause usually those beans have a lot of sodium in them already). buen apetito!

24 Mar 2007

Yum! Sounds very similar to our hummus recipe. Well, sort of. Chickpeas + lemon + garlic + olive oil + cumin + onion + red pepper flakes.

Hungry now... must heat up lunch.

24 Mar 2007

hey Z! - cumin & onion sound good additions for this one i think! it's definitely 'creamier' than hummus, i don't know, just different! good with avocado on top. xolupe

24 Mar 2007

I could never be a serious yogi... I enjoy garlic and onion way too much.

27 Mar 2007

I think you have just converted this infidel to butter beans!

Though I did use twice as much olive oil. I'm Greek. You can never have too much olive oil...

PS Mark, isn't there a way for your cms to remember my information? Or is such a thing against your principles somehow?