Wed 07 Mar 2007

in the same sentence as...


while still waiting for a review of 'sorry love' in pitchfork (i think we've given up...) a mention of us in a review of au revoir simone popped us and put us in the same category as young marble giants. which is a wonderful comparison. thanks!

"The Bird of Music's first half is a milky slog, drawing on the sparse electronics of Pipas or Young Marble Giants without the eccentricities that made those acts worthwhile. " (link)

in other news, it's snowing today in brooklyn. i love it. so beautiful. more so because i can look out upon it from the 4th floor. and i have bagels and tofu creamcheese. and it's high time i had some. bye! 



15 Mar 2007

weird with a lot of small churches, btw, just came to think about the fact that i actually have a church outside of my window as well hehe. though not as pretty, just a block of bricks... but here the sun is shining and the snow is gone, wohoo!!

10 Mar 2007

That's a lovely picture! And how nice is that Pitchfork mention??

08 Mar 2007

love the palms!! tropical indoors!!
xo from sunny london

09 Mar 2007

No good snow in Connecticut,it turns almost instantly into very sharp ice! But the flurries sure do look pretty.

08 Mar 2007

What a nice church / house! Is this from your window?

08 Mar 2007

this neighbourhood has lots of little churches. it's a bit weird. but they look nice in the snow. any good snow in connecticut?