Mon 19 Feb 2007



Birthday! to! Pidg! happy Birthday, to Pidg! happy Birthday dearest friend (and pidgie.), happy birthday to Pidg!!!!!!! hope everyone (in the world) will have an amazing day and join me in making a huge toast to you! Even the ghost of goosebumps wanted to make an appearance and send you a ribbit. I can't wait to celebrate this one again over here in a couple of weeks in madrid. and play! we got the ajoblanco test kitchens working 24/7 perfecting the recipes. the bitchin' cake in the oven. and the candles! this is the dawning of the age of pidg-arious. xo, lu



19 Feb 2007

Oh! and I didn't read this until the 19th. Damn. Happy unbirthday then, Pidg.

19 Feb 2007

no no it is today!

19 Feb 2007

Oh! How clever to pre-post it; I was worried everyone would read it too late!
So, happy Birthday, Pidg. :) Haven't seen you in too long. Hope you'll be in Engeland soon.

20 Feb 2007

what a day to choose for my comeback to reading the Pipas blog! happy b-day to mark!

23 Feb 2007

What happens was there were all these posts, see! And I only read the one at the top of the list, see? And then it\'s 3 days later & I\'m just realizing it was your birthday, too. So happy happy happy!

20 Feb 2007

thanks! cleverly when lupe posted this message it was already my birthday in madrid. stay tuned for further birthday revelations!! who could it be???!!!!! it's a beautiful day here in brooklyn. cold, perhaps, but sunny. i'm going off to have some lunch with sarah and julia at a bird-related establishment in park slope.

20 Feb 2007

Happy birthday Pidg from me too! We miss you!