Fri 12 Jan 2007



yes, as zeeeeeeeeebahtronic pointed out in a blog comment earlier, there was a little snow in new york. technically it counts as snow. but if you blinked you missed it. hoping it's a harbinger of things to come though.

we had a pipas teleconference yesterday and outlined our plan for the year ahead. ok, we didn't. well, we skype'd and caught up but we didn't plan anything. but no fears, we will be pipas active this year. new songs, new shows, etc. we want to do it all still. we're fired up!

as a nice boost, we just got a copy of a 'sorry love' review from the january issue (i think) of uncut (u.k. monthly music magazine - print media! wow!). thanks mr. stephen troussé.

pipas sorry love uncut review


20 Apr 2011

Snwflks.. Nifty :)

12 Jan 2007

Wow... nice one!

12 Jan 2007

love it!!!!

12 Jan 2007

just wondering, do you see any spanish soul (or spanish whatever) in your music?
i really don't know what stephen troussé means with that...

12 Jan 2007

we're big fans of james brown! and lupe is spanish. thus....

17 Jan 2007

congrats on the review!

i hope to see a pipas show in los angeles this year. i know, i know... shut up already!

hope you guys are doing well.

= )