Mon 01 Jan 2007

happy new year from pipas.

happy new year everyone! here's hoping for one... some snow might be nice too. 

pipas 2007 


01 Jan 2007
lupz in london

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tofu scramble in the house.
wishing we could share with all of you.
lotsa love

07 Jan 2007
nelson Antoine

happy new year for all !!!

11 Jan 2007

Happy new year to you both!!

Mark: This morning, we saw a little snow from our office on the 30th floor. It was neat to watch the storm move from Brooklyn to Manhattan and see the sky over New Jersey completely clear.

Lupe: xox!

12 Jan 2007

zeeeeeeeebahtronic! happy new year! yeah i saw a few flakes, txt'd sarah and then i felt like she wouldn't believe me 'cos it stopped so quickly. the storm clouds must've been great though... i am moving up from 1st floor to 3rd or 4th from february 1st. i'll not get any work done. just be staring out the window all day. like a cat.