Mon 11 Dec 2006

Kids say...


every now and again our dear friend sarah allen sends out musical waves into kids black box-style and the reactions that emanate from them are usually very funny... it was much to our delight that the following dialogue occured:

“Sorry Love”

Anders and Maggie, second grade

Maggie: This is funky.
Anders: Yeah. It’s grabbing your brain and it’s going to control you.
Maggie: It’s a girl. Is this Madonna?
Sarah: Nope.
Maggie: My mom plays me Madonna. Since I was a little baby. One day old, even, she played it.
Anders: Babies don’t like music.
Maggie: *I* liked music.
Anders: This song could have another part. To add into it.
Sarah: What would it be?
Anders: They could sing…they could go “walking on the street/hello to you/who will help you if you are lost?/the police the police/or another person”.
Sarah: I like that.
Maggie: There is a thing in this song, with all the sounds. I don’t know how to say it. I just want to hear it 100 times per second. And jump all the way to the moon.
Sarah: Have you ever been sorry about something?
Maggie: When I hurt my friend’s feelings and said her dress looked like a zombie girl. But it was supposed to be a NICE thing.
Anders: I was sorry that Ellen ate my piece of cake and did not even get in trouble. I’m sorry she’s an idiot. 


12 Dec 2006

loving this! they used to have a show here in sweden where kids were supposed to describe something and then the teams (of adults) were to try and guess what they were describing. it was fun=)

12 Dec 2006

Hehe, we had a similar show in the Netherlands back in the late 1980s.
I like Sarah's idea a lot. :)

25 Dec 2006

haha, that is really funny! come to cleveland and play with bears.

12 Jan 2007

one day we'll make it there! cleveland or bust!