Sat 04 Nov 2006

We could be hiros.


Contrary to popular opinion, pipas is not a group formed of people who don't ever leave their houses until around 5 in the afternoon thereby wasting the whole day's worth of sunshine for the sake of staring at their computers in case a new red dot appears on the mail program in the dock. nah. we go out! we take long walks to help pump blood into our gnawed fingertips. we feed the cat and run out the door to let some fresh air in.. occasionally, we even go to a show. it helps that a lovely friend at killrockstars helped us out tonight-- otherwise i'm sure we would have been too, um, busy to catch their cmj showcase, featuring triple whammy of mary timonius , erase the rata and 'hoof ! strange to be leaving a fancy hall at 9:30pm and not stink of smoke methought, but i'll overlook all that & tell you that the evening was good good great! Mary totally rocked out in her own incredibly subtle psychedelic style, was she really just playing one instrument? did she harmonize multiply with herself or was i hallucinating? she inspires us in so many ways -- her guitar ways, her melodious vocal ways, her stomping up and down on one foot ways, her guitar lead a la climbing rope ways. All ways! Erase were pretty fantastic - never seen them live, at first i thought what is this the slits? but after a song the subtlety of their own sound really started to hit me and the infectious rockingness of the repetition, i could see how they drove a london crowd to jump up and down on their cymbals and speakers a few weeks ago, it's hard core but it's dancey, they can't help it.. who knew drum sticks could make such cool bass lines, too. avanti the deer.. now a three piece but still the most fun band to pretend you could give haircuts to. their hair! satomi's huge charlie chaplin trousers held up by suspenders.. the guitarist's (greg?) cheat sheet on his guitar (as sported by one of your pipas players too, see how pro we are?). the quiet parts. then we went back to Atlas and got another.. strawberry shortcake. the pre-tour staple.


Mary Timony under the paper lanterns. 

Erase rhythm doing their jazz club thing while singer tunes & untunes. 

Hoof is in the heart. 


05 Nov 2006

mary timony is my guitar hiro. yes.

05 Nov 2006

she was great. and the cubano and strawberry shortcakes were my hiros too.