Fri 03 Nov 2006

The photo shoot.


Like our new tour van? Yesterday was one of those incredible days of autumn in new york - warm, bright, and full of running around doing.. pretty much nothing, other than posing against various strange urban backdrops - empty baseball fields, pools with keith haring murals, haunted brownstones, and deserted diners by the hudson river -- for our friend legendary photographer Glen E Friedman, who definitely made us work it! we should have stretched before, done some mini pilates. i can't believe he's so good he even called me (lupe) on the 1 fake smile i did all day.  we were starving. my stomach in pain from all the laughter. he's a funny guy! Everyone's allowed one fake smile, no? all the squinting into the sun and holding supermodel poses was worth it: afterwards Glen took us to Mamoun's, delicious felafel for $2 'just to tie us over' he said.. walking through Washington Square tempting us with the dosa man,  til we got to the Atlas Cafe -- vegan crepe full of too many things and afterward, our favorite new dessert: strawberry shortcake! we owe you big Glen. we had to sleep like 12 hours to recover from this one. new pics soon..


03 Nov 2006

yes, pictures please, you fake smiler! did you take any in the van? that looks pretty spooky to me.