Sat 18 Nov 2006

The Malmö Dept.


dang! we're here at the venue/hotel (all in one, you really can't believe how nice it is to step from your room down a few steps and around a corner to where you're playing. vertical integration to the max!), retro. daniel and josef met us a the bus station (touring sweden by bus is fun!) and we settled down here. so nice to be stationary for a little. erik came by for an interview for student radio. and now lupe is sleeping over there. thinking about what to play for the show... thinking about breakfast tomorrow! and sleeping a little later! 


18 Nov 2006
sleeping donkey

a little trivia: on this tour we're having to borrow bass guitars everywhere due to shortage of carrying arms. and tonight we get to rock out on the cardigan's rickenbacker! trying to remember the funky line in 'love me, love me..'. in tour culinary front, pidg tried an oat latte tonight for the first time, and we're looking forward to our friend hendrik's vegan waffles in gothenburg - the best in all of sweden!

21 Nov 2006

oat latte are not so hot but i like the oat milk brandname: oaty. not sure why!