Sat 25 Nov 2006

A Taste Of Pickles And Honey.


hello from tartu! here we are at the Rock &(or) Roll club. yes, they named it after. A cold drizzly friday night in beautiful southern estonia, wandering through the stately wooden house lined streets with our copilots Harries & Pias (and guardian angels Tauno and Armin, without whom..). Last night was amazing - we went to see a photo exhibit about bedouins, had coffee and an interview with Marko in the Moscow lounge, rocked out with Pia Fraus & HH, and our biggest fan in finland turned up and nearly joined us on stage. Afterwards we chomped on estonian garlic rye bread until the small hours of the night. A whole bucket of it. Tonight's treat: pickles with honey. Very russian. Try it..unless you don't like stealing from the bees. Tomorrow back to finland and the countdown begins! 


26 Nov 2006

Pipas EQUALS technical problems! And yet they are still so great live.

25 Nov 2006
Risko Ruus


The show in Tartu was superb!... well apparently you had some monitoring problems, but your performance was totally sweet and very cute. Jeei! I didn't have enough cash with me tonight to buy your cd, because I had just bought two Pia Fraus T-shirts (they are my favourite domestic band after all), but I will certainly order it online or something. I told you after the concert that you sounded a little better on myspace, well I'll see then what your album has to offer ^^ So I wish all the best and less techical problems for your upcoming shows.


Risko from Tartu

27 Nov 2006

Hello Pipas!
I just can't tell you how nice it was to meet you! I really hope to see You again very soon. And to share the stage with You again ;)
Have a great tour!

Margus from Pia Fraus

PS. "Sorry Love" is making like a 100th turn in my CD-player right now!

27 Nov 2006

pickles and honey? is someone pregnant? sounds horrible, i'm afraid to try it.

sound like y'all are having a great time, despite tech. problems.

keep it going!

27 Nov 2006

all of estonia is pregnant if that's how it works! :-) resting in hamburg tomorrow... laundry day! tartu was great! so nice to meet people and get to know all youse pia fraus peeps more... ZZZZzzzzz....