Wed 27 Sep 2006

leaf riot.


hello! it is just about my (mark's) favourite time of the year right now and i am anxiously waiting for the leaves in prospect park to go crazy colour riot. it's my first autumn in brooklyn - it's exciting!

as you may have noticed tour dates are trickling in slowly for november. we hope to have some more added soon for sweden, finland and some other places. we're excited to see pia fraus and harry hunks!

lupe is handling europe and i get the west coast in the u.s. and maybe a show or two on the east coast. it's the first time we've really booked our own tour so we're learning as we go. my end of things may all fall apart. but i really hope not!

we are hoping to play some shows with land of ill earthquakes in the l.a. area. i hope we do because they sound great!

we look forward to seeing you all soon! somewhere!


30 Sep 2006

a show in turku shouldn´t be any problem, at a nice little place... just let me know if it´s something of interest and i could check into it!

ps. autumn is my facourite time of the year as well! a shame it´s delayed this year...

30 Sep 2006

hello jyrki ! yeah autumn is great. was great today. i think we will be playing in turku. it's in the works... the west coast u.s. dates, however, is getting too near too fast. i'm feeling like we left it too late. but, you never know...

04 Oct 2006

ah, i see. well, then i have to go and visit turku=)

the autumn is on its way now... the air is a bit chilly today and the leafs are trembling in the wind.

06 Oct 2006

ohhhh, l.a. shows! sounds very promising. i'll cross my fingers. and who are these land of ill earthquakes folk? i must be getting old.

pipas... get ready for margaritas at my place! = P

06 Oct 2006

well, as much as i really want to drink margaritas, it's still a little up in the air with not much time to go so i wouldn't exactly hold your breath! we're trying. lupe will be over in new york for a while so if we can afford to do it maybe we'll come anyway and hang out in l.a.!

10 Oct 2006

Yes... come hang out in L.A.

We'll drink too many margaritas and celebrate Dia de los Muertos at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. October 28th. Pencil that in! = P