Thu 17 Aug 2006

post emmaboda/pre everything.


hello! wow. gosh. wasn't it great? so wonderful to meet everyone... here are a few photos that don't really sum up the experience. just a few random photos from the weekend. thanks so much to everyone who stood in the rain to watch us. and talked to us. and sheltered us. we hope to be back in sweden sooner rather than later. 

you. it's you! see? with the umbrella?

gadzooks! some cats!
some cats on fire! we've been listening to them non-stop since returning.

fractioneers jörgen & renée.

mr anthon - one of two umbrella saviours.

hand on red wine heart jyrki

payment in beer
emmaboda pays us in the only currency that matters.

umbrella saviour
umbrella saviour #2 anna.


more peeps!
chris, jörgen & hanna! 

taxi taxi
taxi taxi practising practising!

brass trio
brass trio flash face