Fri 18 Aug 2006

funniest review ever. of us. (and the first for sorry love)

mercyscholarsafterglow (web site has gone but archive remains)

thank you! and, yes, lupe *is* a brain. it's true. 

the text from the page:

New Pipas record is here! First song is already on catch up! Piano, pretty vocals and the spiky guitar. Multi-layered vocals and complexity and charmingness and wonderfulness and admit it- they are the best band on the planet. Why would anyone listen to the Pipettes when you can listen to PIpas. Sure you could listen to both but come on!? Pipas could be that band that one day releases that theoretical record that mixes glitch and the suburban whimsy of the Sundays and cures cancer and writes the charter for the united federation of planets. Possibly, it is all possible with Pipas. Now some organ with the piano and the simple drum pattern, it's unbelievably great. Sure the Christina Aguilera song Candyman is probably better but she probably had to spend a lot more money for that kind of charm, PIpas exude if naturally. Second song now, faster paced, I am sensing an Aislers Set influence here, it's spicier, less smoothed out on the synthpop tip. The last song on the album is over four minutes long. Imagine that. A pipas song over 3 minutes would be astonishing, but one over four minutes is absolutely unheard of. And yet the album is still too brief. All of their albums are too brief. Multi-layered vocals again. I can see Lupe turning into the new Amelia Fletcher, the girl all boys wish was their girlfriend and the girl all girls wish they were. Is she a brain too? A Keynesian? Does such a thing still exist? Now an ethereal Broadcastish number, erm well the vocals start off Broadcastish but now it's a quiet acoustic number, it's kinda cloudgirl which is a hopelessly obscure reference so it really means nothing at all except to indicate my Demarnia longing is always with me. This is unbelievably great, I've said that already, maybe I will continue saying it. This is the first time that I am listening to it, when I got home I made a beeline to the refrigerator and ate some honey dew melon and then had four glasses of water and thought of writing something on here but then decided to look in the mail and it was there, then the lightning crashed outside the window. Inside my heart. Next one is called Boxes, lovelorn, acoustic, I miss the more technological savvy drum patterns like on the last ep. See my dream above. The boxes are left, he's gone, seasons changing and melancholy spreads over the room it seeps from the corners of the boxes in the corner that are covered with dust. Cool spanish influence now, kinda flamenco-ish horns and keyboards, very digital ethnicity. He hasn't taken lead so far, not a bad thing. Some deft guitar to close it out, nice. Next one is called Windswept Room and here enter the bouncey keyboards. Very They Go Boom!-ish, vocals are not nearly as dramatic, they're breathy, she's your best friend and she's telling you a secret before she goes out in front of student council. This is technologically savvy. I wonder what a LTJ Bukem remix might sound like, it could be terrific, I hope they aren't talking to Jimmy Figurine. he's a millionaire, what would he know about love? Lots of segmentation in the songs, all perfectly segued and sequenced and just perfect everything. Her voice pitches up when the music is more exciting and draws you closer when it is more dour. Loud thunder crash, a little fright jumped into my heart there even as it is crowded out with joy. Now a folky number in spanish. Interesting pace on the guitar, now a pretty keyboard, off in the distant and more vocals brought in, very atmospheric and clouded, not for those without ADD. No idea about the lyrics. I should learn Spanish. I now work with three people from Peru. Next one is very indiepop, the sort of things the kids will put on the mixtapes for their crushes. More groovy drum machine, twinkly keyboards and some macabre lyrics and now a funky sample changes the mood entirely even as the twinkly keyboards return. Drop out, just the drum machine a bass and Lupe's voice, the songs are much too short, I wonder what a 4 minute Pipas song will sound like. This one is called Long Songs. Two minutes long. Next one adds 32 seconds, wow. Jazz skatty vocals, hipster bass playing and a sloppy drum machine beat and she's freestyling and it's all very Luscious Jackson. Dance Party USA. Does she bob her head and bounce her shoulders from one side to the other while singing/rapping this? I think the title is meant to be 'your record book' written in text language. How long before there is a college course to teach kids how to text message more efficiently. There may already be one, surely an adult continuing education course. Wakka wakka. Oh next one starts off amazing, one of the ones that has drama right from the start, her breathy vocals rushing to the end of her stamina and then it gets even softer on the chorus, pretty. Maybe this will be the mix-tape deal breaker, after this song how could you top it? I don't know if it is romantic, I am not listening to the lyrics. It's simple but very beautiful. Could be political? I hope not. Politics is so over. Ok now the epic, starts off trancey, vague disattached vocals with their echo. Louder now, dancey now, Luscious Jackson now. Are these songs about a Lucksmith? Noodly keyboard and a icy dance beat, and now a rock beat but her voice has remained the same, it's about the groove the repetition unlike every other song on the record which crams dozens of ideas into the briefest interludes between this morning's coffee with a lucksmith and this afternoon's tea with a tender trap. No man vocals on lead, excellent. It's almost like Quickspace 'Precious Mountain' only it is nothing like that at all. It could be j-popish I think maybe like Yukari Fresh but she's got the throaty breathy thing, helium turned down low man. So terrific, I love Pipas. I love the Pearlfishers. They should make records together, they could make David Scot even more boyish and he could amplify their good ideas into absolute magnificence. It's already pretty spectacular though. order your copy now. More pipas songs should be more than four minutes long.


27 Aug 2006

That truly is an amazing review. I'll never try writing anything again (except the odd blog comment). The record is, by the way, lovely. As was your visit to Emmaboda the other week, though I sadly missed the breakfast show. The scheduled show was awesome, though, as was getting the opportunity to watch Camera Obscura with you guys.

Be back soon (Lund!), and take care.

29 Aug 2006

haha. yeah it is. a lovely stream of consciousness. the only good i can stream is unconsciousness. that is, i'm good at sleeping. was what i was trying to mean! great to see you at emmaboda! the breakfast show was a little, er, rough but fun. need to get lupe to play more electric guitar! hope to see you in lund sooner than you think!