Mon 31 Jul 2006

london show added!


our first london show since december 2005! please come up to lovely tufnell park and see us. we got some new songs... looking forward to seeing shimura curves too. 

Upstairs at The Progress Bar, Tufnell Park Road, Tufnell Park,
Doors 8pm
w/ shimura curves

thanks to spiral scratch for setting up the show!


12 Aug 2006

do you know if progress is over 18's or over 21's- their website is broken. I've wanted to see u guys for ages but events and age restrictions have always conspired against me...

14 Aug 2006

Hey Isabel!
I\'m trying to find out and let you know asap. Hopefully we can sneak you in no matter what!

14 Aug 2006

Sorry.. apparently it's over 21 only. Sorry sorry sorry! No one seems to know who'll be there to enforce that though.. hmmm...

16 Aug 2006

awwww...thanx for checking it out anyway, maybe i'll see if i can find some old looking friends as camouflage...have a nice show ;)

17 Aug 2006

i'm not sure how strict they'll be about checking. i'd hope you could get in... i really hope! next time it's gotta be all ages. really sorry about this. :-(