Wed 25 Jul 2007

equal protection from your insanity

i watched the debate last night online from my mum and dad's house in bala cynwyd, pa. 

a couple of things reallllly annoyed me: 1) obama's support for the nuclear industry is insane. totally. that threw me a little. 2) the only candidate to supports gay marriage was kucinich . and this is the democratic party??! hello civil rights? i mean i'm not surprised really but it jars every time. kucinich completely nailed it with the equal protection under the law bit. that's how i always felt and wondered how it could even be constitutional to deny people the right to marry. i am getting married (not a civil ceremony) in september but it is a state-sanctioned marriage. it has nothing to do with the church or religion. so using religion as a cover to deny others the right to marry is such a smoke screen. arghh! what is wrong with you people???!!! 


25 Jul 2007

I only heard bits on NPR this morning. I loved Hillary's response to when she'd get us out of Iraq... 1 or 2 brigades a month. But how many brigades there are & how many months that would take? She didn't bother to say, except to say "That is a lot of months". Um, okay, thanks.

And I (obviously) totally agree with you on the gay marriage thing. Funny how the candidates (except Kucinich) can all look citizens in the face & say they don't deserve the same rights. Churches marry people yes, but the marriages they conduct don't convey legal benefits- the state does that. That's why you get your marriage license first, then you have the ceremony.

Arrrgh. Don't get me started.