Fri 29 Jun 2007

big head but not big headed.


so i bought a bicycle. a folding bicycle. and i've been getting all these unsolicited comments. people across the street shouting "nice bike!" and the guy in blondie's around the corner wanting me to demonstrate how it folds and unfolds. i was happy to demonstrate. i'm happy, so happy, to be riding a bike again. it feels great. brooklyn has shrunk a little in exploratory ways. 

i ordered a bike helmet with built-in speakers that my ipod can plug into so i could listen to democracy now! as i pedal around. genius. except even though i choose the L/XL size. it doesn't fit. aaaargh. i measured my skull circumference and it's on the top end of the scale but not technically the largest head ever. certainly my brain isn't the largest ever. but, oh! how! frustrating! i guess there are some things you shouldn't mailorder. most definitely not bike helmets. 

anyway, keep an eye out for me riding around 11218.  


29 Jun 2007
jumbo belly

I've seen you on Prospect Avenue, and you are looking GOOD.

29 Jun 2007

best folding bike comment i ever heard: 'is that _a bike_?' shouted by the driver of a very extended and scary lorry. good head bone structure, be proud! and safe! have fun! xolupe