Wed 14 Feb 2007

the reason this country is the way it is.

"This debate is really about whether this is a great nation," said Peter Hoekstra" (Representative, 2nd district, Michigan) (link)

RE:  the current house debate on the iraq war. 

oh! i thought it was about the u.s. invading another country, killing thousands upon thousands of innocent civilians & incurring thousands of u.s. casualties in the process of not achieving their goal. my american identity is so important to me (as well as my british half) but blind unthinking statements like the above make me question it. i really hope my mum and dad do not move to michigan. 



18 Feb 2007

Think of it as: if they do move to Michigan, they\'ll bring some sense to it. And a dog that eats arms whole.

23 Feb 2007

It can't be any worse that my parents living in Texas. Of course, my dad is a rabid card-carrying Repug, so the situation sounds a bit different. :)

23 Feb 2007

do you parents have a dog that likes to knaw on whole arms? :-)

23 Feb 2007