Wed 04 Oct 2006

republican kiddy fiddler.

wow. i know this is late to write about this but really the republicans are in a league of their own. in addition to taking the u.s. into two concurrent disasterous losing wars (with the lap dog support of 99% of the democrats), suspending our basic rights, approving of (and probably getting off on) torture and endless endless other insanities. now they cover up a kiddy fiddler? i really just want to write: republicans & kiddy fiddlers in the same sentence. over and over again. ok it may not actually be a straight up paedophile (at this point...) case and not all republicans are but whatever. it's such an abuse of power and trust and morals. i mean, really.  their whole moral foundation is and has been such a sham. just look at the crooks: jack abramoff, ralph reed, george bush. to name a few. crazy religious republicans. all using fig leaf religion to cover their crimes. a convenient cover. would drug and alcohol addict/business failure/spoiled frat brat george bush ever have been able to be president if he hadn't found his "belief" in evangelical religion? i kinda think not.

i just came back from a harpers/wnyc discussion in manhattan about withdrawl from iraq. which has very little to do with the above. should the united states widthdraw from  iraq? it's a "duh" kinda question really...