Wed 27 Sep 2006

hello! it's mark.

hello! i'm gonna throw down some pointless rambling here from time to time. just because i can. 

my main concern right now is wondering where to register to vote. and if, in fact, it is too late. i've been registered in pennsylvania for all these years. absentee balloting. somehow it feels like now i really live here in the u.s. again i should register where i live (brooklyn, ny) but it makes me sad thinking about the actual choices. especially ones that could win in the upcoming election. i guess i gotta vote green. howie hawkins ? i'm just looking this stuff up now... i feel so dumb not even knowing.  

i was listening to wnyc while making some food (it's the best time to listen to the radio) and arianna huffington makes the claim that regular folks like george bush because he is so authentic in his manner. i just don't get that. really? his every movement and sound seems like such hard work for him. like his brain is straining and he is so self-conscious about appearing a certain way. like, for example,  a regular joe southern guy, when in fact he's a total privileged ivy league north easterner. argh.

anyway, i'm hopeful for change. that people are finally getting the disaster that he and the war and everything he stands for has been. i'm taking an isolated anecdotal incident as proof of this. my dad was in a [nasty fast food chain] getting a bite to eat on the way home from flying his model aeroplanes on sunday and overhears some other customers talking about how the situation in iraq is making us less safe not more. that it is creating more terrorism not less. so, for me, that is hope. that [nasty fast food chain] customers are talking about it. i'll take anything i can get. 

lalala. so i'm gonna leave it at that.


27 Sep 2006

hello! looking forward to many ramblings on your new blog! hooray! xoxo

28 Sep 2006

pidg, please run for something- new york mayor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!